Navy Ship to Become Museum has written in great detail about military asbestos exposure that has occurred over the last century due to vehicles and ships that were built using many asbestos products. With this in mind, it can’t be ignored when one of these vessels is slated to become a museum that could get 400,000 annually.

The USS Iowa, an 887-foot warship that was commissioned in 1943, will be converted into a floating museum that will be stationed at one of Los Angeles’ ports. The ship, which once transported President Franklin D. Roosevelt across the Atlantic Ocean to meet with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin during World War II, was also involved in the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay in 1995 and fought in the Korean War.

In order to house Roosevelt, who was paralyzed from the waist down, a special bathub was created for him during the construction of the ship. It was finally decommissioned in 1990.

Following a $7 million restoration, the ship/museum will take its place as the only battleship museum on the west coast, according to MSNBC.

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