Motion to Stop Asbestos Mining in Quebec is Denied

Recent legislation introduced to Quebec that attempts to block financing that would reopen the province’s only asbestos mine has been denied, according to a recent Montreal Gazette report.

Lisette Lapointe, an independent who serves in Quebec legislature and is also the wife of former Parti Québécois premier Jacques Parizeau, introduced the motion yesterday, calling for Quebec to withdraw its offer to provide $58 million in financing to Balcorp Ltd. of Montreal. Of that funding, $25 million would be allocated to reopening the Jeffrey Mine located in the town of Asbestos.

While Lapointe had hoped that her lack of party affiliation would boost the chances of the legislation getting approved, she proved to be incorrect. While she was able to garner some support, the motion ended up being denied.

Part of Lapointe’s motion cited a review by the International Agency for Research on Cancer that concluded chrysotile asbestos mined in Quebec was “carcinogenic in all its forms.” If the financing is approved, the Gazette stated that Balcorp has already revealed plans to sell asbestos mined in Quebec to India, where it is mixed with cement and used to build low-cost housing.

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