Mother Keeps Son Home from School amid Asbestos Exposure Fears

Fears of exposed asbestos in a Pennsylvania high school have led to the temporary stoppage of a proposed renovation project, as well as at least one parent choosing to keep her son home from school until the problem is addressed.

Angel Jones, mother of Uniontown High School freshman Dontavius Jones, recently told Pittsburgh ABC affiliate WTAE-TV that she had made the decision to keep her son at home after the revelation that there may be an asbestos issue.

Jones said that the subcontractor for a renovation project in the school’s cafeteria had recently walked off the job with his workers after discovering that there were loose asbestos products in the ceiling. She added that a situation that forced adult construction workers to fear for their safety was not one she was willing to put her son in.

“If the company pulled adults, how come our children are still in the school building?” she said. “… I don’t want my son to get sick.”

While the school district Superintendent Charles Machesky admitted that there was asbestos in the cafeteria, he maintained that there was no risk of exposure because there were no holes in the ceiling.

Despite a series of tests that were done last week and showed no asbestos in or near the cafeteria, the state Department of Environmental Protection told the station that they would be investigating the school to ensure that it was safe for students and teachers.

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