Asbestos Wood Chip Reports Prompt Response from Senator

One day after it came to light that asbestos-contaminated bark and wood chip products were being spread in public places in and around Libby, Montana, state Senator Max Baucus is condemning the EPA’s allowance of such a public health hazard.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that the Environmental Protection Agency had been aware of the usage of the wood chips in question at a number of public places throughout the town, such as yards, city parks, and schools. The EPA did not step in and prohibit the chips’ usage until it learned that the AP had launched an investigation into the matter.

In a press release posted on his website Wednesday, Baucus pledged his continued support to help the town of Libby, which has been plagued by asbestos issues caused by a now-defunct W.R. Grace vermiculite mining site for decades now.

“The people of Libby have already been poisoned in the name of greed and I won’t allow them to be victimized again because of negligence,” Baucus said. “We need to work together to make sure safety information is complete and transparent so the community can move forward and create jobs with faith in the agencies and processes that are supposed to protect them.”

He also said that the EPA had damaged its ability for Libby residents to trust it as it conducts its cleanup in the town, and that he would be “holding the EPA’s feet to the fire” to find out what they knew and why they were not more forthcoming.

The town of Libby has become the synonymous with the increased risk of developing mesothelioma that asbestos exposure can pose because of the W.R. Grace mine that was operational for so many decades, Companies that expose their employees to high amounts of asbestos fibers, despite their knowledge that doing so was a health hazard, may be held legally liable for the mesothelioma diagnosis of a former worker.

If you feel a former employer or the manufacturer of the asbestos product is at fault for your diagnosis, contact a mesothelioma attorney to learn more about possibly receiving an asbestos settlement that may be able to provide financial security for your family.