Missouri Post Office Closed Amid Asbestos Worries

A Missouri post office has been closed temporarily due to asbestos concerns.

Residents in Bloomfield, MO going to their local post office recently found the doors locked along with a sign saying the building had been temporarily closed. When contacted for more information, U.S. Postal Service Spokesman Richard Watkins said that the closure had been initiated because of asbestos concerns in the building.

“Basically, it’s closed for safety precautions,” Watkins said, according to the Southeast Missourian. “We acted quickly because the safety of our customers and employees is paramount.”

There is currently no timetable regarding how long the post office will be closed for.

While it is slightly concerning that a public building such as a post office could contain dangerous levels of asbestos, the most troublesome aspect of this story may be that there are no plans to move any of the mail that is currently inside the asbestos contaminated building.

When this mail is eventually sent to its recipients, any loose asbestos fibers that are still embedded in the package could pose a mesothelioma risk.

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