Mesothelioma Risk to be Removed from Granite City Schools

Schools in Granite City, Illinois will finally be safer and pose less of a mesothelioma risk for students and teachers alike, as asbestos abatement will occur at the schools over the next two summers.

According to St. Louis Today’s Suburban Journals, the school board for Granite City recently voted to award $893,351 in contracts to remove asbestos floor tiles containing asbestos at six elementary and middle schools in the district.

The money for the abatement will come from $6 million in building improvement bonds that were approved by school board last spring.

In total, about 200,000 square feet of the asbestos tile will be replaced over the next two summers. It is the latest asbestos abatement project for the school district, which first began removing asbestos products from its schools in the late 1980s.

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