Mesothelioma Patient Wants Asbestos Registry in Saskatchewan

A Canadian man who is dying from mesothelioma is pushing for the creation of a registry listing all buildings that contain asbestos products so the public can protect themselves accordingly.

According to the CBC, 59-year-old Howard Willems of Saskatchewan worked as a federal food plant inspector for 30 years, regularly entering old buildings and plants that likely contained some type of asbestos construction products. In 2011, he was diagnosed with mesothelioma and had one of his lungs removed. While he used to be able to do such activities as hike in the Grand Canyon, he now requires a cane to walk.

In the wake of his diagnosis, Willems has began pushing for an asbestos registry to be created in Saskatchewan that lists any building that contains asbestos products.

“Everyone has a right to know when they go into a workplace or when they’re going into a building, it is safe,” he said.

He theorizes that his mesothelioma diagnosis was likely caused by regularly working in old buildings that he had no way of knowing contained loose asbestos until he had already entered them. He also told the CBC that if he had been able to simply have the advance notice so he could have put on a protective mask in such situations that he may have never been diagnosed with the deadly lung cancer.

Willems is not alone in his attempts to get an asbestos registry established in Canada. The Canadian Cancer Society has previously issued requests to both the Canadian prime minister and the finance minister to create a registry as well.

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