Mesothelioma Claims Life of Navy Veteran

Grady Biby of Kalamazoo, Michigan passed away on February 3, 2010 from mesothelioma. He was 69 years old.  Mr. Biby was diagnosed with mesothelioma in early 2009, and was believed to have been brought about by his 20 year service in the United States Navy, specifically his service on board submarines. 

Originally born in Oklahoma, Grady Biby joined the Navy in 1959 and retired in 1979.  Biby’s service onboard submarines was at a time when asbestos regulations and construction guidelines were at their weakest.  Naval vessels at this time contained numerous asbestos materials. Given that Mr. Biby’s service spanned 20 years it is Likely he was exposed to asbestos.

After Mr. Biby’s retirement from the Navy in 1979, he went to work for the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant until he retired in 1995 to open his own business.  During the next few years Mr. Biby worked in the construction business and sought public office.  In 2002 he was elected to the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners.  In July 2009, Biby announced that he would be taking a leave of absence in order to seek treatment for mesothelioma.  Grady and his wife Linda traveled to Boston and hoped that surgery could be done to remove the cancer from Grady’s chest. Unfortunately the cancer had spread and surgery was not an option. 

The Biby’s returned to Michigan where Grady began his chemotherapy treatments.  In the end he was not able to return to his position as commissioner because of his illness; however, he was able to serve four full terms before his death in February.