Mesothelioma and the Law: Common Questions about Lawsuits

Sokolove Law, LLC is the nation’s most trusted mesothelioma law firm, but choosing the right legal counsel to fight for compensation is a personal decision. Here are a few common questions asked before a mesothelioma case heads to court.

What state does this mesothelioma case apply to?

Did you know some states, such as Illinois or California, may value asbestos-related injuries differently? This is particularly true regarding a state’s Statute of Limitations.

For example, anyone may bring an asbestos-related lawsuit to court in Illinois within two years of discovering the disease. After that time period, you cannot file an asbestos-related lawsuit. These limitations can vary by state, so be sure to contact an attorney to help research your state’s law, find out what constitutes discovery and pinpoint when asbestos exposure occurred.

What compensation should I expect from a mesothelioma case?

Compensation amounts differ for each claim, ranging from small amounts to millions of dollars. Compensation may boil down to the costs associated with your illness. Those costs could include:

  • Any lost wages during sickness
  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Traveling expenses for treatment

Note that additional compensation is possible, including additional funds related to mental, emotional or physical distress.

How long does a mesothelioma trial take in court?

Though most cases may not ever reach a jury because of a settlement, other cases (depending on the amount of damages sought, for example) may take several months or years. Typically, preparing for an asbestos case requires large amounts of detailed research such as the examination of old records, previous cases, legal documents and even photographs. Often, witnesses must be found and asked for testimony regarding events and issues dating back 20 to 40 years or more. Have an attorney help do your homework and prepare medical paperwork and other important documents to expedite the process.

How much will this case cost?

Sokolove Law’s mesothelioma attorneys work on a ‘contingency fee,’ which means you will not be charged for any expenses involved in the lawsuit. If a judgment is awarded, the attorney will receive compensation based on a percent of the awarded amount. Sokolove Law also offers free consultation regarding Mesothelioma cases.