Massachusetts Company Charged with Illegal Asbestos Removal

An asbestos abatement company operating out of Lynnfield, Massachusetts has been charged with violating the Massachusetts Clean Air Act and Massachusetts Solid Waste Act after it was discovered that they were illegally hiding bags of asbestos at a storage facility. AEI Environmental was not permitted to keep the hundreds of asbestos-containing bags in that location. The asbestos had been removed from both public and private locations throughout Lynn, Beverly, and Marblehead.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that can cause a variety of health problems including asbestosis and mesothelioma. Prior to the general public becoming aware of the health issues, asbestos was used in building materials due to its resistance to heat, friction, electrical, and chemical damage. Because asbestos exposure poses such major health risks, extra care is required concerning its removal from building sites and subsequent disposal. Unfortunately, these additional expenses and measures sometimes cause companies to take shortcuts.

The charges against AEI Environmental claim that they failed to properly notify the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, they were not licensed to perform the asbestos removal at the time in question, and they filed false paperwork. The company was using the names of other contractors on job sites for the appropriate forms, but illegally performing the work themselves. will keep you updated as further details in the case surface.

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