Loose Asbestos Tiles Closes School for Repairs

Rainy weather in Reading, Ohio, has lead to the closing of an elementary school so the building’s asbestos-laden roof can be properly and safely repaired following some water damage.

According to local television station FOX 19, Hilltop Elementary School closed last week so workers could get to the building’s roof to reinforce 35 square feet of weakened plaster that is known to contain asbestos. The plaster roofing was weakened during heavy rains that had hit the area during the week.

In order to prevent asbestos fibers from falling into the school during the construction, some workers remained inside to monitor the building and make sure conditions were safe for students to return the following week.

“Technically they don’t have to follow the EPA regulations,” said Bradley Miller with the Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services. “But the contractor has agreed to do everything in the US EPA regulations by wetting the material, placing it in bags in a wetted condition and then take it to an approved landfill for disposal.”

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