Large Number of Asbestos-Related Deaths in UK Town

Asbestos-related illnesses and deaths are a problem that exists globally. Asbestos has been mined in every inhabited continent, and to this day is still traded and used in applications ranging from consumer goods to construction materials. Because asbestos-related diseases are caused by an inhalation of the mineral’s loose fibers that make up the mineral, areas can exist where rates of mesothelioma and asbestosis are particularly high because of local mines, shipyards or factories that processed asbestos regularly.

An example of this in the United States would be Libby, Montana, where many residents developed asbestos-related diseases because of a local asbestos mine that employed many of them. The mine also regularly spewed asbestos fibers out into the town, coating the area with dangerous asbestos dust.

In the United Kingdom, recently released statistics show that Lancashire, a county in the northwest of England, has also been hit particularly hard by asbestos-related diseases with more than 80 recorded in the last five years alone.

The Lancashire Telegraph reports that the town of Blackburn with Darwen, located just 30 miles from the resort town of Blackpool, outpaces national averages in regards to asbestos related deaths, with an average of three deaths for every 100,000 residents; a rate local officials have termed as being ‘alarming.’

“More people die of mesothelioma in Blackburn with Darwen per head of the population than in most other parts of the country,” David Bott, the president of the non -profit Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, told the Telegraph.

Many of the asbestos-related deaths in East Lancashire have been linked to either the Garden Street gas mask factory or the Huncoat Power Station.

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