Jamaican market may finally get rid of asbestos dangers

Asbestos threats no longer linger over a popular tourist destination in Jamaica, the Victoria Craft Market, reports the Jamaica Gleaner.

The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) claims the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) will have started the project to clean up asbestos by the end of the first quarter of the 2011 financial year.

According to the news source, the problem was discovered during market renovations in 2007 for the Cricket World Cup. The UDC had previously requested the help from the JDF, who agreed, but were then sidetracked by problems with national security.

Now, however, the organizations are ready to tackle the dangerous mineral.

"The UDC… believes that the facility and the country will now benefit from the meticulous manner in which the corporation and the JDF Engineering Regiment have been dealing with the matter of asbestos removal and disposal," the UDC corporation said.

The asbestos is located in the craft market’s roof, which caught fire in 2001, disturbing the deadly mineral and allowing it to pollute the air.

Many people who are exposed to the fibrous material file asbestos lawsuits against those responsible for neglecting safety and health regulations.