Israel and Turkey Now Have New Mesothelioma Diagnostic Test

An exclusive distribution agreement was signed between Rosetta Genomics and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. on January 8, 2009. This would allow Rosetta’s new mesothelioma test to be used in both Turkey and Israel. Several diagnostic tests have been created by Rosetta Genomics using microRNA as biomarkers. This innovation allows for more accurate tests for cancers that have otherwise been difficult to distinguish. Rosetta’s microRNA tests include their latest, miRview(TM), to test for mesothelioma. The tests allowed to be distributed by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. include: miRview(TM) mets: This test helps to pinpoint the location of treatment for metastatic cancer. Treatment for this type of cancer must target the primary tumor to be effective. The miRview(TM) mets can identify the primary tumor even in cases of Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) where the tumor has not been identified. This test is faster and more accurate than others previously used. miRview(TM) squamous: This test helps to differentiate between squamous and non-squamous lung cancers. The side effects of treating squamous lung cancer include possibly fatal bleeding that would be detrimental to someone receiving the treatment needlessly.

This test will enable physicians to be assured that they are treating squamous non-small cell lung cancer and that the treatment risks will be taken for the right form of cancer. miRview(TM) meso: This is the only test available to differentiate between mesothelioma, caused from asbestos exposure, and other forms of lung cancer. Like being able to distinguish squamous and non-squamous non-small cell lung cancers, knowing that the cancer is mesothelioma is critical in choosing treatment options. Mesothelioma has a strict regime that must be followed for treatment. It has proven to react poorly to other forms of chemotherapy.