Indictments Stem From Asbestos Violations

In WORCESTER, MA, the Mayo Group Development LLC was indicted by a grand jury on charges of violating the Clean Air Act. Charges against the company included the improper disposal of asbestos at Bancroft Commons, failing to notify the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and failing to control emissions from the asbestos removal.
According to the findings of an investigation by the Massachusetts Environmental Crimes Strike Force, the Mayo Group did not conduct a complete survey of the asbestos in a 10-story building before having its employees demolish parts of it. At the time of the demolition work, residents were still living in portions of the building and could have been at risk for asbestos exposure.

Such exposure has been linked to the development of several forms of cancer, most of which are rapidly fatal once they are diagnosed. A second incident in February of 2007 reported by the DEP found that asbestos was allegedly thrown from the windows at Bancroft Commons. Spring of 2007 saw the continuation of asbestos removal from other parts of the Bancroft Commons buildings despite a cease and desist order being given. The Mayo Group was summoned to appear in a Worcester Superior Court to plea its case. In CONCORD, NH, six felony violations of asbestos control and management laws were allegedly made by a Winchester man. Paul Davis was arraigned in Cheshire County Superior Court the last week of January 2009 after improperly removing asbestos from a building in Keene, according to the charges. His prosecution came from the danger he put himself and others into from potentially exposing them to the known carcinogen asbestos.