How Much Asbestos is at Your School?

Renovations that are underway at Binghamton University to remove asbestos products from a number of campus buildings may be a positive sign that the school is taking appropriate measures to protect students, but also is a reminder of how much asbestos is still present in so many buildings we use every day.

According to a student-run newspaper at the university, construction projects are currently underway to remove asbestos from the school’s heating plant, Fine Arts Building, quad area on Central Campus, Couper Administration Building, Science II and Tuscarora Office Building. The projects will take place over the summer.

The school has already performed recent asbestos abatement work at the school’s Old University Union, Lecture Hall and West Gym.

“We’ve done removal of asbestos for years on campus without any safety issues, without any exposure issues, probably because we are so diligent about the way we go about managing this,” said Karen Fennie, spokeswoman for school’s Physical Facilities department.

In addition to the building that will have asbestos abatement work done, the article also lists a number of other buildings on campus that still contain asbestos; the numbered Science buildings, Engineering Building, Computer Center, and a number of residential buildings.

While making such an effort to remove asbestos from its campus is undoubtedly a good decision that the school should be praised for, it cannot be ignored that so many buildings on the campus have been allowed to contain dangerous asbestos products for so long. Generations of students who have used the buildings now have a higher risk of developing illnesses such as mesothelioma in life. What’s even more troubling is that this problem is in no way limited to Binghamton University, many buildings we use everyday contain asbestos that could be putting us in danger.

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