How Many Mistakes Before One Learns?

After having once been convicted for violating part of the federal Clean Air Act dealing with illegal asbestos removal and disposal, Paul Mancuso (45) of Utica, New York, was again charged with the same crimes.

Also charged with the crimes were Mancuso’s father, Lester (70), and brother Steven (37). Additional charges against the three included: conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, commit mail fraud, and violate the Superfund Act.

The trio allegedly illegally removed asbestos from sites around New York State. Ronald Mancuso, brother to Paul and Steven, has already pled guilty to the charges and testified that he had taken a part in dumping asbestos on the side of the road. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) there is no safe level for exposure to asbestos , a known carcinogen leading to many deadly lung ailments.

The first round of illegal asbestos removal and disposal convictions against Paul Mancuso in 2003, and another set in 2004 for insurance fraud, resulted in his being banned from working with asbestos removal or disposal. Mancuso also was prohibited from associating with those who had broken the law in any form.