Health Facility in Canada Shut Down Amid Asbestos Fears

Be it in the United States or another country, it’s always troubling to hear about facilities that are being used to provide medical care being shut down amid asbestos and mesothelioma worries.

With that in mind, a family practice clinic in Ottawa is currently going through that situation as clean air investigators have ordered it to be closed for four months after the discovery of mold and asbestos.

During a health assessment conducted on the Iqaluit Public Health facility in May, the Government of Nunavut found the presence of mold in the building, as well as tiles that were made with asbestos.

“[Health and Social Services] is currently reviewing location options that will ensure the smoothest transition to temporary facilities,” said a news release that announced the building’s closure, according to Nunatsiaq Online. “It is expected that repairs will take about four months, and there will be minimal interruption to services.”

While it is good that the asbestos will now be removed from the building, one can only hope that it has not yet made anyone sick or increased the risk of developing mesothelioma in any of the clinic’s patients.

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