Further Details Surface in Illegal Massachusetts Asbestos Removal

We here at Asbestos.net have come across further details concerning the story we wrote about AEI Environmental, an asbestos abatement company charged with violating the Massachusetts Clean Air Act and Massachusetts Solid Waste Act. The new details concern asbestos removal that the company performed at two public schools in Lynn, MA – Lynn Woods Elementary and Marshall Middle School.

The problems in Lynn arose when a small asbestos removal project was discovered at each of the schools. Asbestos was used in building materials prior to public knowledge concerning its potentially adverse health effects because it has a unique resistance to heat, friction, electrical, and chemical damage. At Marshall Middle School a pipe with asbestos insulation was discovered to have a leak, and at Lynn Woods Elementary, a boiler with asbestos gasket materials was found.

Because the projects were small, they were not required to be put up for bid so Michael Donovan, director of the Inspectional Services Department, reached out to people that had done asbestos work at the schools previously. Both David Harder Jr. and Julia Rosati of AEI Environmental were included in this group and subsequently were awarded the jobs. It was only after Donovan received the bills for the work that he realized he did not recognize the AEI company name.

Harder responded to questions from Donovan that he had gone into business on his own, but Donovan was not surprised when the Department of Environmental Protection called to inform him the company was not licensed. Donovan has added that both schools received air quality tests for asbestos, and both came up clean.

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