Fort Wayne City-County Building Needs Costly Asbestos Abatement

Fort Wayne, Indiana’s City-County Building is facing asbestos removal costs of over 2 million dollars, a County Councilman has said.  The structure is being renovated to house both the city and county police departments. The $2 million in asbestos abatement fees are only part of the $6 million required for complete cost of the project.

For a number of years, asbestos was added to construction materials for its unique tensile strength and fire-proofing qualities.  As we now know, it eventually surfaced that asbestos exposure can cause potentialy fatal health problems including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other cancers.  Exposures become problematic if the tiny asbestos fibers become lodged in one’s lungs when inhaled.  Often the problematic symptoms do not manifest until 15-40 years down the road.

Asbestos abatement during renovations in older structures is now a major factor given the widespread use of asbestos in building materials for a significant period.  In fact, we recently covered a story from Ohio where they sometimes loan state money for asbestos abatement in order to preserve historic buildings. 

The Fort Wayne City-County Building currently has wall panels, floor tiles, and insulation that all contain asbestos.  These will all be removed during the renovation, while other asbestos-containing areas of the builiding will be left undisturbed and remain safe.  The expenses associated with the asbestos removal project have led to some quarreling between the county and the city which you can read more about here.

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