Former Railroad Worker Passes from Asbestos Related Disease

In recent weeks, a Flax Bourton, England Coroner’s Court heard the case of former railroad worker Richard Horwood.  A verdict of death by asbestos was reached after the court heard statements by Mr. Horwood that he had made prior to his death last summer at Beach Lawns Care Home.  He had been pursuing an asbestos claim before he died.  

The statements indicated that Mr. Horwood worked on the Wagon Works railway in Gloucester from 1959-1961, where he was frequently exposed to asbestos.  Asbestos was used in different areas of locomotives primarily because of its resistance to heat and friction, but also for a resistance to electrical and chemical damage, sound absorption, and tensile strength.

Part of his job was to fill holes with asbestos filler and sand them down, ultimately creating asbestos dust in the atmosphere and a high potential for exposure.  Horwood reported having never been informed of the dangers or provided with any sort of protective equipment.  David Dooley, the Coroner, determined that, despite his other illnesses, Richard Horwood’s prolonged exposure to asbestos was the likely cause of his death.  


Have you or a loved one been exposed to asbestos or diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result a job on a railroad?  An asbestos attorney may be able to assist you.