Employees of Union Carbide Sue Company for Asbestos Exposure

Two men who used to work for Union Pacific Railroad Co. have decided to sue the company in a Texas state court for knowingly exposing them to asbestos and other dangerous fibers that have since hurt them physically and mentally.

Sixty-six-year-old Richard Ruby and sixty-three-year-old Ronald Zimmerman both pursued the lawsuit by claiming that the company violated the Federal Employer’s Liability Act by never told them about the health hazards associated with the chemicals and fibers they inhaled on a regular basis for more than 30 years.

“Union Pacific has known since the 1930s about the hazards of asbestos, but it continued to use products containing asbestos,” the lawyer representing the plaintiffs said, according to Law360.

In the last three years, both Ruby and Zimmerman have dealt with various health problems they attribute to the hazardous fumes and fibers they were exposed to. Their lawsuit is seeking financial restitution to pay for a variety damages including future medical costs, anguish, fear of cancer, loss of earnings, as well as damages.

Union Pacific is involved in a number of lawsuits involving workplace dangers and asbestos exposure. In 2010 alone the company spent $35 on asbestos claims since 2008.

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