Football Hero’s Wife Continues Lawsuit

The widow of NFL football hero Merlin Olsen has resubmitted the mesothelioma lawsuit that her husband brought against several companies because of his death earlier this month. Resubmissions of lawsuits often occur when husbands and wives prepare lawsuits in mesothelioma cases. 

If either plaintiff passes away, in most states the lawsuit must be resubmitted by the surviving spouse or estate holder if the case is to be continued or settled. Olsen, the NFL football player, sportscaster, and actor died March 11, 2010 of malignant mesothelioma. 

Olsen was in the process of suing NBC Studios, NBC Universal, Sherwin-Williams, 20th Century Fox, and other companies that he believed were responsible for his asbestos exposure and the cause of his diagnosis.  Olsen claimed his exposure began at the age of ten years old when he used to work after school painting, and then again in his adult life while he worked on the studio sets of the numerous television shows that he appeared on.