Family: Landlord’s Construction Lead to Asbestos Fibers Covering Our Belongings

A family renting a condo in Virginia Beach has abandoned all their personal belongings and is contemplating legal action finding their belongings had been covered in asbestos dust.

 A recent story from NBC’s Virginia affiliate WAVY-TV 10 is reporting that a family renting a condo on the third floor of the Cape Henry Towers is blaming their landlord for covering their belongings in dust that contained asbestos after work was performed in the condo while they were not home.

“I put myself in the line of danger to protect other people. That’s a risk I accept,” Carlie Brand, the renter of the condo, told WAVY. “When someone else puts me in danger without me knowing, I can’t accept that.”

The family has already taken the first steps towards legal action if they do not receive a settlement from the landlord, whom they hold responsible for the exposure.

Upon receiving test results confirming that asbestos was in the dust scattered around the condo, all residents at the Cape Henry Towers were notified of the potential asbestos hazard. Additional tests on building materials are currently being conducted at a lab with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

If you have been exposed to asbestos that was used in the construction of a condo or home you are living in, there may be legal options you can pursue to obtain a mesothelioma settlement. Contact a mesothelioma attorney if you have any questions about the details of asbestos law and what is needed to pursue a settlement from the manufacturer of the asbestos product.