Factory Engineer’s Death Caused by Workplace Asbestos Exposure

In recent weeks, a Peterborough, England Coroner’s Court heard the case of former factory engineer John Ptolomey.  The court reached a verdict of death by asbestos after hearing statements from Mr. Ptolomey that he had made before his death at Peterborough City Hospital.  He died from diffuse pulmonary fibrosis while  pursuing an asbestos claim before he died.
The statements indicated that Mr. Ptolomey worked at the SodaStream factory in Woodston, Peterborough from 1980-1991, where he was exposed to asbestos.  Ptolomey, who worked on the production line at the factory, reported that he frequently handled boxes with an asbestos lining and often returned home from work covered in the deadly white dust.  He said he had never been given any protective equipment or been warned of the dangers of asbestos exposure.
Gordon Ryall, the Coroner, determined that Mr. Ptolomey died from unnatural causes because of his prolonged occupational exposure to asbestos.  His family members, including his widow Angela, were in attendance at the court to hear the verdict. 


Have you or a loved one been exposed to asbestos or diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of a factory asbestos exposure?  An asbestos attorney may be able to assist you.