Mesothelioma Risk in Massachusetts Following Tornadoes?

Almost immediately in the wake of tornadoes in Missouri that sparked fears of asbestos exposure amid debris and rubble, Massachusetts is now dealing with a similar situation after a string of tornadoes roared through their area as well.

Prior to 1980 when restrictions were put on when asbestos could be used, the fiber was included in thousands of vinyl flooring, insulation, roofing, mastics, and plaster building/construction products.

With this in mind, residents in Massachusetts such as Springfield that were affected by deadly tornadoes that ripped through the state are worried the rubble surrounding them may contain exposed asbestos products.

Springfield Department of Public Works Director Jack Dowd told a local news station that residents should be careful debris they come across during the recovery process. Additionally, residents should rely on hazardous waste experts and disposal areas to make sure any potentially dangerous materials are removed safely.

In order to reduce the risk of asbestos particles being released into the air, residents should either wet down debris before it is handled or move it into leak-proof containers. Consulting with asbestos abatement experts is also recommended.

Companies that make products that expose individuals high amounts of asbestos fibers – despite the company’s knowledge that doing so was a health hazard – may be held legally liable for any mesothelioma diagnosis that results. If you feel the manufacturer of an asbestos product is at fault for your diagnosis, contact a mesothelioma attorney to learn more about possibly receiving an asbestos settlement that may be able to provide financial security for your family.