Dr. Coley’s Cancer Cure–How It Works

Recently, we brought you news about the “Forgotten Cancer Cure” that is now illegal in the U.S., though still produced in Canada and allowed for use by doctors in Germany under that country’s laws. Those who are technically minded or interested in how medications work may be interested to know more about how Coley’s Toxins actually destroy many kinds of cancer. You may recall that the serum consists of “killed bacteria” of the same types that cause strep throat and urinary tract infection. Because the bacteria are dead, they do not actually produce the infections; however, their presence does provoke a response from the body’s immune system. Coley’s Toxins are actually injected into the tumor itself. This causes the body to develop a high fever which requires careful monitoring. If the patient’s temperature goes too high (which can be life-threatening), it is necessary for the doctors to administer an anti-pyretic (fever-reducing) drug in order to terminate the reaction. Otherwise, the fever is allowed to run its course. This fever is an indication of increased immune system activity. Medical researchers are not completely certain of the mechanics of the reaction.

However, current evidence so far indicates that antibodies, known as macrophages are involved. Macrophages are cells in the body that absorb pathogens, literally eating and digesting them. Sometimes however, they come in contact with oxygen-starved, pre-cancerous tumor cells, causing the macrophages to produce a chemical that activates a gene known as NF-kB. Once this gene enters the tumor cell, it starts the production of proteins that stop the normal process of “cell death,” or apoptosis. In this state, the macrophages are said to be in “repair mode”; these antibodies are actually helping the cancer to grow. In the presence of the killed bacteria, however, the macrophages switch to “defensive mode.” This causes them to turn on the cancer cells, thus destroying them. Other indications are that Coley’s Toxins prevent the formation of new blood vessels that would ordinarily feed a tumor; literally, the cancer “starves to death.” Despite the FDA ruling, Coley’s Toxins have been demonstrated to have had no lingering after-effects when administered properly.