Developer of Mesothelioma Drug Honored at Princeton Commencement

Edward C. Taylor, developer of the anticancer drug Alimta, was honored with a doctoral degree at Princeton’s 263rd commencement exercises earlier this month. Those fighting malignant pleural mesothelioma have the new drug at their disposal since it was approved by the FDA in 2004, and it has worked wonders for many – stopping the growth and spread of the cancer, in addition to extending life and relieving patient suffering.

Taylor has been a mainstay at Princeton since 1954, when he first joined the faculty. In 1966, he was appointed Professor of Organic Chemistry – a position he held until 1997, when he was appointed Professor of Organic Chemistry Emeritus and Senior Research Assistant. With over 450 published scientific papers and the holder of more than 50 patents in the chemistry field, Taylor is one of Princeton’s most tenured and respected researchers.

Those working on the fight to ban asbestos and cure mesothelioma owe Taylor a debt of gratitude for the time spent and dedication he has to these causes. Here is a link to a great interview conducted by the Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) with Taylor back in 2006; two years after Alimta hit the market. From the entire staff at, we’d like to say congratulations to Prof. Taylor.