Demolition Progress in Michigan Potentially Slowed by Asbestos

Abandoned homes can be an eyesore in any community. In Bay City, Michigan, Code Official Coordinator Jim Galford is trying to take a stand, but running into asbestos issues that are complicating things.

The Bay City Times, notes that two houses in Bay City’s West Side are scheduled to be demolished, and three more are going before the city commission.

The potential presence of asbestos in one of these buildings could complicate the situation. While a demolition would cost about $8,000, the precautions necessary to remove the asbestos could significantly inflate that number. One important consideration is the friability of the asbestos, or how easily it breaks apart. More friable asbestos needs to be removed using a ‘wet’ method in which it is soaked with water to prevent its microscopic particles from becoming airborne

The asbestos removal would need to be done prior to the demolition of the home, and by some estimates, could add more than $20,000 to the cost of demolition.

Because the city only has an $80,000 budget to demolish abandoned or unsafe homes. The removal of asbestos could delay the project significantly. Many homebuyers are looking to purchase and renovate older, abandoned homes, and they may not have knowledge of the extra care needed to remove asbestos.

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