Dangerous Asbestos Levels Found in UC Boulder Dorm

Following a health audit that revealed alarming levels of asbestos, The University of Colorado has decided to demolish an overflow dormitory it had been housing students in.

The College Inn was originally constructed in 1964 when the usage of asbestos tiling, piping, insulation, and paint was still very common. After inspections determined that products such as these had led to dangerously high levels of asbestos in the building that could pose a health risk to students and increase their risk of developing mesothelioma later in life, the decision was made to demolish it over the summer in 2013.

In addition to putting University of Colorado students at risk, the 76,779-square-foot is also located near a local high school.

The health audit that determined the building was dangerous had been initiated by the university’s Environmental Health and Safety division in 2008. Asbestos was so openly exposed to students that a stipulation had been added to students’ lease agreements that warned them not to touch the asbestos-containing “popcorn” ceilings, The Daily Camera reported.

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