Custodians in Old School Potentially Exposed to Asbestos following Cleanup

What began as a weekend cleanup at a school located in Massachusetts has turned into potentially life-threatening matter, as tests have revealed that the custodians working at the site may have been exposed to asbestos.

According to the Lynn Daily Item, up to four custodians at the Fecteau-Leary School may have been exposed to asbestos last December after finding broken floor tiles and cleaning them up following a steam leak. Aware that the school, which was formerly known as Lynn Classical High School, was built in 1911 when asbestos was still commonly used in many construction products, the incident was reported to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

While testing revealed that the tiles did not contain any type of asbestos, the mastic and glue used to hold them together were found to contain asbestos fibers. Initial testing did not find that any asbestos dust had been released into the area, but officials were still awaiting final results from follow up analysis.

The Fecteau-Leary School is a public school for children grades 8-12.

Michael Donovan, the director of Lynn’s Inspectional Services Department, told the Item that he regretted the incident had happened, and said that the city had put new measures in place since to raise awareness regarding asbestos and the dangers associated with it.

“This is something that should not have happened. We have been talking to our employees to be sure they understand that things like this just can’t happen anymore,” he said. “They have to be able to recognize the potential danger and call for those who are professionally trained to deal with it.”

Companies that expose their employees to high amounts of asbestos fibers, despite their knowledge that doing so was a health hazard, may be held legally liable for the mesothelioma diagnosis of a former worker. If you feel a former employer or the manufacturer of the asbestos product is at fault for your diagnosis, contact a mesothelioma attorney to learn more about possibly receiving an asbestos settlement that may be able to provide financial security for your family.