Court Records: $827,375 Found in Contractor’s Home

PITTSFORD, NY – Forty-eight boxes of evidence have been removed by federal and state authorities from the home of Louis Sinisgalli in Pittsford, New York. According to court records that were unsealed on Monday, one box that was found in a bedroom closet contained $827,375 in cash.

Sinisgalli Inc. has been in the spotlight since last summer, when the initial focus was on their alleged illegal dumping of debris from city demolition contracts. Records are now revealing that authorities have also begun investigating Sinisgalli for mail and wire fraud, as well as failure to file corporate and federal tax returns for the five years that his company took in over $8 million, including $5 million from the city of Rochester.

Sinisgalli’s wife, Donna Caceci-Sinisgalli, also is implicated by the court records. The couple’s home and business were searched on Friday. Two employees, including Caceci-Sinisgalli’s nephew, have also been arrested.

The workers allegedly dumped the asbestos and other demolition debris in High Acres Landfill in Perinton, NY without proper permits and without the knowledge of the landfill’s operator, said police.

Dumping the debris in this location allowed the firm to pay less, while still billing the city a higher rate, which would have applied if the debris was dumped where it was supposed to be, at Ontario County Landfill. Authorities also allege that the firm took shortcuts in razing properties, in addition to dumping the hazardous materials in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

It appears they disposed of the debris illegally in more than one way. It appears they have dumped it in other places, said Richard Vega, the city’s inspector general, who launched the investigation. He may have been dumping things in the city. We don’t know exactly where.

The Sinisgallis have had no charges filed against them and their lawyer, Vincent Barone, who declined comment on Monday. More arrests are anticipated by authorities.

Sinisgalli also allegedly misled its workers’ compensation company, by neglecting to report its asbestos-related work. Officials claim that they therefore “substantially underpaid” on insurance premiums. The firm did submit the insurance certificates as proof of necessary coverage to obtain required asbestos contractors’ licensing from the state, and to get work in Rochester and the surrounding area.

Sinisgalli Inc. has been working in the city of Rochester for 30 years.