Coroner: UK Ship Worker Died From Mesothelioma Caused By Workplace Asbestos Exposure

An inquest into the recent death of an 82-year-old former UK ship worker is attempting to link his malignant mesothelioma diagnosis with the years he spent in factories surrounded by loose asbestos powder.

According to the Reading Post, Ronald Kennedy was diagnosed with epithelioid mesothelioma in May, 2010, nearly two months after he had been admitted to the hospital for x-rays on his chest that found a “considerable amount of fluid” in his chest.

He eventually died from the disease in December 2011.

In the inquest regarding Kennedy’s death that followed, statements made by him were introduced that showed the dangerous levels of asbestos that he was exposed to while working as a ship builder. The statements, which were read by the deputy coroner, detailed the 56-hour work weeks that Kennedy often spent in asbestos-filled rooms.

“I can’t recall where the asbestos lagging on board the ships came from, but I can recall that moving of the asbestos would be performed,” Kennedy’s statement read. “I’d then have to apply it to various pipes – mix asbestos powder with water and apply it as a paste.”

The deputy coroner added that Kennedy’s exposure to asbestos had led to the mesothelioma that killed him, and recorded the cause of death as “the industrial disease of malignant mesothelioma.”

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