Cooper Industries to pay $307.5 Million towards Asbestos Claims against Pneumo Abex

Cooper Industries has reached an agreement through a settlement with Pneumo Abex LLC to have one of its subsidiaries pay approximately $307.5 million into a trust for asbestos related personal injury claims, according to Reuters.

The electrical and utility products manufacturing company, which had entered into a mutual guaranty agreement with Pneumo Abex and Danaher Corp to fulfill certain obligations relating to any asbestos-related personal injury claims incurred by Pneumo Abex, agreed to the payment as a way to end a lawsuit that had previously been brought against it.

The settlement also stipulates that Pneumo Abex’s parent company – and one of its affiliates – contribute $5 million to the trust, and $15 million back to Pneumo Abex, Reuters reported.

Pneumo Abex, a subsidiary of PCT International Holdings Inc, has found itself included in a number of lawsuits connecting them to asbestos-cancer-related deaths. A simple Google search turns up no less than three mesothelioma lawsuits naming the company have already turned up in 2011.

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