Caregiver Grandfather Wins Million-Dollar Mesothelioma Lawsuit

A special tribunal awarded an Australian grandfather $1.3 million (in U.S. currency) after mesothelioma left him unable to care for his wife and grandchildren.

Sixty-eight-old Mario Perez was left disabled after his mesothelioma cancer spread to his spine, says an article in Australia’s ABC News. Prior to his debilitating illness, Perez cared for his wife, who has a chronic cardiac condition. He also spent up to three days a week caring for his four grandchildren.

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare but aggressive cancer that occurs in the thin layer of tissue (mesothelium) that surrounds the lungs (and sometimes, the heart and abdomen). Mesothelioma is almost always caused by asbestos exposure.

According to his mesothelioma law firm, Perez encountered asbestos when he worked as a bus depot laborer from the 1970s until 1990. During this time, he came into contact with asbestos from gaskets in bus engines and pipes. (He also was exposed to asbestos when a roof was removed in 1987.)

His mesothelioma law firm had argued that the care he provided to his family should factor into the settlement total. The Australian Dust Diseases Tribunal, which oversaw the settlement, agreed, as ABC News reported.

“We live in a world where grandparents are often very involved in caring for grandchildren and we are very pleased this has been recognized in this judgment,” said a lawyer from Perez’s mesothelioma law firm. “Understandably, Mr. Perez will no longer be capable of providing these invaluable services to his family as his disease progresses and his condition deteriorates,” she said.

Those who work around automobiles and other vehicles tend to be at high risk of asbestos exposure, even in the United States. While guidelines limit the amounts of asbestos in newer vehicles, millions of cars still have asbestos-containing parts, including hood liners, gaskets, heat-seal material, valve rings, and packing, according to this article.

If you or a family member has suffered from the devastating effects of asbestos exposure, you have rights under the law. Monetary compensation in the form of a mesothelioma lawsuit can help pay medical bills and other expenses. Call Sokolove Law for your free, no-obligation case evaluation today.