Can Excellent Physical Fitness Extend Life After a Mesothelioma Diagnosis?

Steve Lee, the inspirational long distance runner from Britain who raised £40,000 ($64,000) for lung cancer research has died from mesothelioma cancer.

Lee was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2007, but he never stopped running. In 2009, the then 65-year-old Lee ran the Reading UK half marathon with his wife Ros.

Lee credited his excellent physical fitness with helping to prolong his life an amazing 3+ years after his mesothelioma diagnosis. Most patients pass away one year after their mesothelioma diagnosis.

Part of Lee’s incredible drive to raise money came from the promise of the mesothelioma research.

That money has helped to fund research at Queen Mary, University of London, where researchers are synthesizing a naturally-occurring compound that is thought to kill mesothelioma cells. The university has matched the monetary contribution by Steve and his running club, and is continuing to build on work completed by Japanese scientists. The ultimate goal of the research is to determine if this compound can be used to treat victims of the deadly disease.