Cambridge University Offers Payout to Worker with Mesothelioma

A university in Cambridge has offered a payout to a construction worker who claims his mesothelioma diagnosis is the result of asbestos exposure he encountered while working on a new building for the school and not being issued proper safety devices.

According to the BBC, Cambridge University did not properly handle the destruction and abatement of asbestos concrete when demolishing a barn on campus in 2008 to pave the way for construction of the Kavil Institute for Cosmetology. One worker who was assigned to take part in the dismantling of the barn, 65-year-old Bob Murphy, alleged that he was only given a paper mask and a “special hoover” for protection when going to handle deadly asbestos products.

“I was just a worker. At the end of the day you’re given a job and you just get on with it and now in hindsight I would have touched nothing,” he told the BBC. “I am suffering because of my ignorance.

Other university workers secretly filmed the project in order to document the ways in which asbestos products were damaged and left out in the open where they were exposed to workers.

Murphy was eventually diagnosed with terminal mesothelioma that he attributed to his asbestos exposure at the school. While the university denied liability for his illness, it agreed to give Murphy a compensation payout.

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Photo courtesy of Jorge Royan via Wikimedia Commons.