Buried Asbestos Raises Concern in Boise Neighborhood

Residents of a mobile home park in East Boise, Idaho have raised concerns with local media regarding asbestos piping buried beneath a children’s playground in their neighborhood. Those in the Blue Valley Park say asbestos piping used to lay beneath their community “lake”, then were dug up and covered up by a gazebo on the property.

“Rather than dispose of it properly, a lot of it was just back graded and buried there,” one resident said.

Local media could not independently verify the piping contained asbestos but residents say they have proof. Furious residents contacted local media about the issue since they say owners know about the potential danger but refuse to do anything about the problem. Some residents theorize owners are shunning the issue because of time and cost pertaining to proper removal.

“Envision your 3-, 4-, 5-year-old grandchild out there, with a shovel and a bucket, out by the gazebo and digging up pieces of asbestos and breathing it in,” the same resident said.

Managers of the park refused to comment on the matter.