Building Demo Raises Asbestos Concerns

Questions about public safety are lingering in the air following the demolition of several old buildings that may have contained asbestos in Troy, N.Y.

According to the Times Union, the New York State Department of Labor issued a stop-work order last month at the site of the buildings on King Street. The order is in place until an asbestos assessment can be completed.

Troy’s fire chief had ordered the emergency demolition over fears the structures could collapse in the event of a fire. If asbestos was present when the buildings were demolished, it could have posed heath risks for the workers involved in the demolition and the public. Exposure to asbestos can cause mesothelioma, a rare but incurable cancer.

The stop-work order was posted following a complaint by Troy City Councilmen Mark McGrath, who voiced concern about a possible release of asbestos during the demolition. McGrath also raised public safety questions about a nearby bar that remained open while the demolition took place, according to the Times Union.

The newspaper reported that issues with the demolition included a lack of asbestos monitoring and a failure to notify the state agency as required by law. The stop-work order names the City of Troy and M. Christo Inc., a company hired to raze the building after the emergency demolition was ordered.

Asbestos is hazardous to human health. When asbestos-containing materials are disturbed by demolition or other construction activities, the tiny asbestos fibers can become airborne. If they are inhaled, they can lodge in the lungs and eventually lead to mesothelioma and other serious illnesses such as asbestosis and lung cancer.

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