Binghamton Students Start Year in New Schools Due to Asbestos

Students of the Calvin Coolidge Elementary in Binghamton, N.Y., went back to school this week – just not in their usual classrooms. Instead, they are attending schools around the district as workers remove asbestos from the Calvin Coolidge.

Five schools will host the students as the clean-up efforts continue during the school year, according to

As this blog noted, workers discovered the asbestos in a basement crawl space during a routine inspection in late July. District officials shut down the elementary school in early August and relocated students in the school’s summer enrichment program after tests for airborne asbestos in the building came back positive.

Town officials held a series of meetings last month to update the teachers, board members, and families on the scope of the problem, according to local news site

Education and information about a potential asbestos exposure is important – both for allaying fears and for understanding the need for medical attention.

Asbestos fibers pose a health hazard if inhaled. The sharp, microscopic fibers can become embedded in the lungs and other internal organs. The embedded fibers can cause scarring and inflammation. Over time, this can lead to mesothelioma, a rare and incurable cancer.

Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of mesothelioma. Since it may take decades for symptoms of the disease to appear, regular medical monitoring is recommended for anyone who has been exposed to asbestos.

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