Bi-Coastal Asbestos Warnings

In MONTPELIER, VT, an abandoned asbestos mine in Eden and Lowell is prompting warnings from the state government. The Vermont government is telling people to avoid the area due to the health threat that it poses. Examining records for areas in a 10-mile radius from the mine, scientists found that there was a significantly higher rate of asbestos-related diseases such as lung cancer and asbestosis . Those who live close to the mine are 12 times more likely to die from asbestosis than those who live elsewhere. They are also more likely to get lung cancer. Exposure to asbestos has been linked to many deadly diseases and cancers. Some people downplay the dangers of asbestos because the diseases it causes, such as mesothelioma , do not develop for decades after exposure. Once diagnosed, though, most people with mesothelioma only live one to two years longer.

The area surrounding the mine is used by people riding all-terrain vehicles, but the Health Commissioner Wendy Davis discourages people from visiting the area. She asks people to stay away. In NORTH BEND, OR, an additional $3,750 will be needed to remove the asbestos found in a house the city wants demolished. The asbestos in the popcorn ceiling covering cannot remain in the building during the demolition as it will pose a serious health risk to the deconstruction company. The Pacific Environment Group will be charged with removing the asbestos. Once they are finished, Fortunes Bulldozing and Grading of Coquille will raze the house for a cost of $14,441. The house has been at the heart of controversy for two years that began when it was found that the ground beneath it was sliding, and the house itself could collapse. It was at that time the initial bid for deconstruction was award to Fortune Bulldozing and Grading.