Australian employees allegedly disposed of asbestos improperly

Several employees from Territory Alliance are under fire after Australian authorities discovered that the company disposed of asbestos improperly, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

A new housing development required the demolition of standing houses that were irreparable, which went smoothly until West Arnhem Shire officials questioned asbestos safety. The Northern Territory has confirmed that the material was not handled according to regulations.

According to the news source, asbestos in the old homes was dumped at a nearby waste site, but the deadly fibers can’t be disposed of anywhere like non-hazardous materials.

The Federal Government’s Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program, run by Territory Alliance, said that the contaminated areas were secured and that workers were already fixing the problem.

Already, two senior officials have been fired from the group in charge of the project, but Worksafe Northern Territory is still investigating the crime.

The deadly material is a known carcinogen, causing mesothelioma, a rare and untreatable form of cancer. Many people who suffer from the disease contact asbestos lawyers to ask about filing a lawsuit against the parties that exposed them to the dangerous fibers.