Combines Forces with Keystone Symposia

” The comprehensive asbestos cancer resource has recently paired with Keystone Symposia in order to publicize awareness of various cancers, cancer research, and scientific advancement.
Keystone Symposia–a nonprofit organization based in Silverthorne, Colorado–sponsors and coordinates over 50 conferences per year, at which pioneers and students of biomedical and life sciences, both within and across disciplines, can connect, collaborate and exchange ideas. is proud to help spread the word about several symposia which are scheduled for the spring 2010 season:

  • Role of Inflammation in Oncogenesis, joint meeting with Molecular and Cellular Biology of Immune Escape in Cancer; February 7-12, 2010; Keystone Resort, Colorado
  • Metabolism and Cancer Progression, joint meeting with Cell Death Pathways: Apoptosis, Autophagy and Necrosis; March 12-17, 2010; Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Nuclear Receptors: Signaling, Gene Regulation and Cancer, joint meeting with Nuclear Receptors: Development, Physiology and Disease; March 21-26, 2010; Keystone Resort, Colorado
  • New Paradigms in Cancer Therapeutics, joint meeting with Integration of Developmental Signaling Pathways; March 23-28, 2010; Victoria, British Columbia

The aim of is to raise awareness of, and provide information for, patients and families who are affected by the rare asbestos cancer mesothelioma. A cancer that strikes the membrane which lines the body cavities and surrounds the internal organs, mesothelioma is almost exclusively caused by exposure to asbestos-containing materials and may take up to half a century to fully develop and become symptomatic within the body. Approximately 3,000 Americans each year are diagnosed with this debilitating disease, for which there currently is no cure. Scientists and research oncologists are working hard to discover new ways of diagnosing and treating this cancer, in part thanks to organizations like Keystone Symposia and the interdisciplinary connections it fosters.

For more information about the upcoming symposia on molecular and cellular biology, or for information about Keystone Symposia, its members and its work, visit”