Asbestos Testing Underway at Beverly Hills School

Another day, another story about asbestos products potentially showing up in a public school.

Beverly Hills High School will be subjected to its first asbestos and lead survey since 2004 after the district’s Board of Education approved it at a recent meeting.

One of the reasons that spurred the vote for the survey was a desire to begin construction on the school in order to renovate it. An Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act report must be produced as part of the construction approval process.

“We’re still finding lead and asbestos at this site and you need to remove the lead and asbestos before you begin construction,” said Nelson Cayabyab, the school’s chief facilities officer, according to the Beverly Hills Courier.

News of the asbestos study in Beverly Hills comes the same week that parents of students who attend a public school in New York City have created a petition to delay construction on the school until the school year has ended. One of the main concerns mentioned in the petition was the potential presence of dangerous asbestos fibers in loose dust that has been seen all over the school and could be inhaled by students.

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