Asbestos, Que. Residents Respond to Daily Show ‘Report’

Residents of Asbestos, Quebec seem to be somewhat divided regarding their feelings on the mining of asbestos within their borders and whether or not it should be stopped. However, in the wake of last week’s report on The Daily Show that mocked the town’s reliance on asbestos mining, the debate has become a topic of conversation in both Canada and the United States.

According to a Global Winnipeg report filed after the show aired, some residents of Asbestos support the mines and feel the criticism against their town is unwarranted. Steve Dion, a resident of the mining town for the last ten years, was supportive of allowing asbestos mining to continue. He argued that proper precautions had been put in place to keep individuals from being harmed by asbestos products

“I don’t understand why people are trying to ban it. The safety precautions they take now make it safe,” he said.
However, Robert Olney, a 60-year-old mechanic who has lived in Asbestos his entire life, disagrees. Noting that his father had died from an asbestos-related cancer years earlier, Olney felt that the mines should be closed for good as a safety precaution.

“They should shut the mine down and turn the place into a ghost town,” he said.

The Daily Show report on Asbestos, Quebec featured one of their “reporters” interviewing various town officials, most of whom insisted that asbestos fibers were safe and vital to the town’s survival. Medical experts were also interviewed to highlight the dangers of asbestos that have been thoroughly documented for decades.

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