Asbestos Products Found at Second California Water Pump

Only days after asbestos products were found at a California water pumping plant that provides water to Los Angeles, a test have uncovered asbestos products at yet another pumping plant in the state as well.

Bakersfield ABC-affiliate KERO-TV reported that testing that had been spurred by the initial asbestos discovery revealed that similar products were also found at the nearby John R. Teerink Wheeler Ridge Pumping Plant.

Workers at the Teerink plant have been evacuated from the structure, which has also been sea sealed off to prevent any asbestos fibers from releasing into the air, and a cleanup process is already underway.

Asbestos testing at the Teerink plant was prompted after routine maintenance at the Ira J. Chrisman Wind Gap Pumping Plant uncovered asbestos products that may have been disturbed. Similarly, it was immediately shut down so asbestos abatement procedures could get underway.

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