Asbestos Products Dumped In Manitoba Town

Residents of a Manitoba town are in an uproar over a recent decision by the mayor to allow hazardous asbestos materials to be brought to the town and left in nothing more than flimsy bagging that can easily rip.

According to the CBC, a Montreal environmental company was recently granted permission by the Jim Goymer, the Mayor of Gilliam, to dispose and bury 540 tons of non-hazardous contaminated soil and 410 tons of asbestos within the town borders.

While the initial loads of waste were left in the community dump in bags labeled with “Danger” notice that says the materials they are holding are a “Cancer and Lung Disease Hazard,” many people in the town are angered that such dangerous substances were allowed into their town without further discussion.

“You go and dump a bunch of big bags marked ‘Caution, Danger, Cancer-causing Lung Disease Agents,’ and then don’t expect people to freak out? They give us no pre-warning, they never gave us the choice as to letting this happen,” said Julie Crawford, a resident who lives nearby the dump.

To make matters worse, despite the mayor’s claims that all contaminated waste would be double-bagged so nothing dangerous would be released, photos have been taken by town residents showing that some of the bags had split and were spilling out grey powder.

While Goymer said that the materials would continue to be left at the dump, he added that the new loads would be buried underground.

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