Asbestos Industry Bias Denied by Quebec Public Health Organization

Here we go again: Pro-asbestos proponents are claiming that bias against the industry – not science – is behind a set of new public safety recommendations released by government health officials in Quebec.

Supporters of the Jeffrey Mine have accused the Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec – the province’s public health institute – of having a bias against the asbestos industry, according to the Montreal Gazette. The bias claims were made owners and workers at the currently inoperative asbestos mine after the institute released new recommendations around asbestos and public health.

The Institute’s top recommendations called for the Province of Quebec to:

  • Lower the allowable exposure levels of asbestos in workplaces
  • Create a registry that lists all buildings that contain asbestos
  • Require careful monitoring of air quality in asbestos mining towns

The institute’s recommendations are based on studies from 2003 to 2009 that looked at asbestos-related illnesses. Director Luc Boileau flatly denied that any anti-asbestos bias existed at the institute.

“This is a governmental organization connected to the health system which has as its only goal to bring science into (government) decision making and to the attention of the public. … To try to destabilize the credibility of the institute by questioning the objectivity of the organization is an error. It is wrong,” He told the Gazette.

The asbestos industry has used this and similar tactics before to deny the dangers of asbestos and to divert attention from the fact that it is toxic material that can trigger life-threatening diseases such as mesothelioma in those exposed to it.

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