Asbestos Found in Tiles at School in West Newbury, MA

Cracked asbestos tiles have been found in classrooms throughout the West Newbury MA building that houses Pentucket Regional Middle School. The asbestos tiles have been found in five classrooms and officials are now taking the steps reduce the asbestos exposure risk to students and staff.

Health Board members have said that the school is safe and they have sealed off the rooms containing the asbestos tiles. They have planned a full asbestos abatement and asbestos remediation project for next month and the Pentucket School Committee will fund the work.

This is the second asbestos exposure scare in the district in recent times. Last month, asbestos abatement work was done the Donaghue Elementary School in Merrimac and the school district has trained custodians on how to deal with asbestos discoveries.

“I feel comfortable that the school district is now taking a proactive approach,” Selectman Glenn Kemper said to The Daily News of Newburyport.

In the asbestos exposure case at Pentucket Regional Middle School, school custodians removed the broken tiles, “double-bagging and properly disposing it, then encapsulated the area by filling it with a fast-drying wax product, in accordance with state guidelines for asbestos abatement, Seale told the Board of Selectmen Thursday night.”

Asbestos floor tiling was once affordable and extremely popular and used up until the 1980s. As it deteriorates, it presents many dangers to those in the vicinity. The mineral asbestos is known to cause asbestosis and mesothelioma, an agressive form of cancer that is nearly impossible to cure. Because asbestos fibers are impossible to destroy, exposure to them may cause health complications for many years to come.

If you or a family member was exposed to asbestos and has since developed a respiratory illness as a result, you may be able to receive compensation through an asbestos settlement. Asbestos law has become a crucial asset in the fight against the willful negligence that exposed people to asbestos.

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