Asbestos Exposure Suspected as Cause of Judge’s Lung Cancer

A 52-year-old Miami judge has succumbed to an aggressive form of lung cancer, and now her fellow judges in the Broward County Courthouse fear that asbestos contamination was the cause.

Judge Cheryl Aleman passed away on December 2, only weeks after learning that she had stage 4 lung cancer, and two months after first complaining of flu-like symptoms. Fearing asbestos and mold contamination, three other judges who inhabit chambers in the same quadrangle as Judge Aleman have retained asbestos attorneys and moved their offices.

Judges Susan Greenhawt, Patti Englander Henning and Mily Rodriguez Powell believe that their chambers are filled with toxic asbestos fibers, exposure to which can cause a variety of serious illnesses, including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

“It’s our perspective that this building should not be inhabited for work; it’s making people sick,” said Bob McKee, the asbestos attorney retained by the judges.

If you have been exposed to asbestos and have developed an illness as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. An asbestos attorney may be able to help you get compensation for medical bills and other expenses.